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After my endless internal choruses of "There's too much to say" posing as an excuse for the fear of not having the time to say it just right or of it not being understood as I would have intended, I've taken the advice of one of my marvelously manic muses to reduce the tendency to "turtle" and, instead, to say a little about something whensoever the thought arises so as to transmogrify my ruminations to palatable prose.

Here are a few of the nascent streams that may edify, hypnotize or anesthetize you. For those into streams of consciousness, here's a random rivulet:Those having the double-sided honor of knowing me most likely also know of my penchant for all things naked - not so much of the body, though that is always a pleasure but, more, the mind.
I liken our cerebral self images to onions with their myriad multitudinous and thin layers. Strip off a few and you find a newer shinier, less tainted version of self. Alas, the marvel soon fades as we go further, stripping away even more.
What may seem an exercise in futility, wrought with the tedium and sentiment of feeling naked and exposed, eventually one can reveal a smaller, denser, shinier and simpler view of oneself - closer yet to the naked core of a rawer identity. As with the infinite topology of the universe above and the subatomic levels below, there is no limit to the amount of mental disrobing.
The only practical limit at any given point on our personal evolution is that where where we are tethered by the thinnest of threads to the social fabric around us. Too little and we remain in an episode of Ozzie and Harriet (lemmennials can look that up). Too much and we enter the relative openness and psychic nudity that leads some to schizophrenia or sociopathy and, to the stronger ones, a new plateau of cosmic self-understanding. So choose a limit to your trek that your fortitude can withstand the increased openness and dearth of social filtrations.
Be forewarned! The layers don't act as simple diversionary obfuscations of our true inner selves but also act as barriers and ballasts that protected our delicate psyches from harm and slow our descend on the new roads we've not previously traversed in our journey from infantile naivete to more spectacular, if not frightening, levels of increased self awareness.
Were we to have been launched in this world truly naked, we'd probably have learned even more truths of this world before it ends - rather than making up time for the lengthy and tortuous detour of parental nurturing to unravel that knots and kinks that are our genetic, familial, societal and social culturing. 1,000 steps back, 100 steps forward - but forward it is. We need more power Scottie!
That said, let me now commence the task of further ruminations on the life, love, and lust of art, technology, philosophy, media, and anything else that leaks out of my cerebral reservoir!
You have been warned.

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